10.21.20 Meeting Minutes#


Max @telamonian Isabela @isabela-pf Martha @marthacryan Alex @ajbozarth Jason Grout @jasongrout


Logistic check in#

  • Does this time seem like it will keep working? Yes.

  • If so I’d rather schedule it further out and add it somewhere more public so people can drop in. I can bring this up in JLab team meeting too, if so.

Proposed Goals#

We’d like to propose concrete accessibility goals would be so that we can organize it into JupyterLab’s release cycle and encourage people to focus on them. These are some ideas of where to start.

What are people working on?#


Next steps#

  • Install NVDA or JAWS and gain familiarity with screen readers in general as well as JupyterLab

  • Isabela needs to triage existing JupyterLab issues so we can assign/move forward with them

  • Try and reconvene hackathon group to make sure we are understanding the same issues and have proper context to move forward and not repeat work that’s already been started.

  • Explore Phosphor and Lumino accessibility issues and PRs. This might be the metaphorical root of a lot of our problems. - Big PRs in the DOM and menu system that started but did not get finished

  • Look for grants for funding a full-time accessibility dev

  • Schedule meeting with Jason catching us up on work that’s been done in Phosphor

  • Explore Firefox accessibility tools. They’ve been recommended as a good starting point.