11.04.20 Meeting Minutes#


Martha @marthacryan Max @telamonian Alex @ajbozarth Jason @jasongrout Isabela @isabela-pf


If needed, recap/point to the notes and resources for our Phosphor PR meeting last Monday for people who weren’t able to make it.

  • Covered what decisions were made and our current goals (transfer the problems we already know about in Phosphor to Lumino and finish off what was originally Hack4All work).

Are these meetings something we’d want to have on the Jupyter community calendar?

  • Yes! It will be brought up in next week’s JupyterLab team meeting for approval/necessary steps.

  • Need to see if we can find or get data on what developers who use screen readers use in terms of OS

What are people working on?#

  • Martha: #129 - Moved PR from phosphor to lumino, reviewers?

  • Gonzalo: Following up on Phosphor tutorial videos. Confirmed we can repost them, but need to get license. - Also need a PR for Lumino docs once the videos get set up.

Next Steps#

  • Alex: Review #129 Add isToggleable command state.

  • Gonzalo: Get final info about reposting Phosphot tutorial videos for Lumino docs

  • Isabela: Move Phosphor issues to Lumino. Also consolidate issues from other repos where relevant so we don’t have to look for issues across as many repos anymore.

  • Goal

    • Once those three Phosphor PRs are fully up and ready to be reviewed/merged, then we can reach out to experts to talk more.

    • Potentially asking for a meeting where we watch experts test PRs so we can learn how to better test too (and not just rely on them).