12.02.20 Meeting Minutes#


tony @tonyfast Max @telamonian Jason @jasongrout Alex @ajbozarth Karla @karlaspuldaro Gonzalo @goanpeca Martha @marthacryan Thomas @manfromjupyter Darian @afshin Isabela @isabela-pf


  • There are overlap in infrastructure needs for an accessible JupyterLab and mobile/tablet support for JupyterLab. Maybe this is an opportunity to get more people involved in this work since there have been a lot of requests for mobile/tablet support.

Triage of existing accessibility issues This will be cross-referenced, updated with #9399, and stored in this project from here on out.

  • Reviewed from diagram-codesprint/phosphor, diagram-codesprint/jupyterlab, phosphorjs/phosphor, jupyterlab/lumino, and jupyterlab/jupyterlab (jupyter/accessibility has been more organizing focused).

  • Isabela proposes continuing to focus on what was found in Hack4All first.

  • Issues Isabela wants to look into more

    • JLab #6575 (update of diagram-codesprint/jupyterlab #8) Has merged PR #6359, but didn’t close the issue.

    • JLab #6576 (update of diagram-codesprint/jupyterlab #9) and #6404 Looks like a reference for UX of these accessibility changes and proposed solutions.

    • JLab #1095 Visual/additional/any cues for running commands (this was to be put to phosphor, review if it was already done or not)

    • JLab #911 An audit issue about what seems to be the first JLab accessibility review. I need to check if they are or need to be represented in other issues.

    • diagram-codesprint/phosphor #2 and #3 status. Did they get merged into Phosphor ever?

    • diagram-codesprint/jupyterlab #4 and #11 status. Did they ever get merged into JupyterLab?

  • Other issues

    • #6573 NVDA tests on JLab. (Not explicitly tied to Hack4All, but seems like it was part of it.)

    • #4878 Older screen reader evaluation with good discussion. Has been mentioned in a few issues and PRs so it would probably be good to brush up on.

What are people working on?#

  • Max and Jason

  • Thomas

    • Opened #9399

    • This is a full review of JupyterLab accessibility, can be broken up into other issues as we go.

    • Evaluation is on JLab v.2.26 This should catch a lot of what holds over to 3.0, but we will be facing new problems with virtual notebook.

    • We started discussing how we pull this apart to tackle it

      • Tabs/tab order are the blockers that prevent further evaluation, so they should be high up on our list

      • Order top to bottom should work in order of what are most critical and/or rely on one another

    • This is a great review! Thank you so much!

  • Isabela

    • Collecting and triaging existing issues as listed above.

Next Steps#

  • Max created a project to track JupyterLab accessibility work https://github.com/orgs/jupyterlab/projects/1. This will be how we organize and keep track of work in the future.

  • Isabela and Tony will compare and consolidate #9399 with pre-existing issues. - Isabela also needs to check for duplicate issues and close/update as needed. - Triage marking by WCAG standard and maybe level of complexity?

  • Martha #9365 applying isToggleable to JLab now that it is possible in Lumino is still happening. This will be her next step.

  • Time to reach out to experts and say we want to meet in the future (also gives us a deadline for some of the commitments)