01.13.21 Meeting Minutes#


Max @telamonian Thomas @manfromjupyter Martha @marthacryan Jason @jasongrout Tony @tonyfast Isabela @isabela-pf Darian @afshin
Alex @ajbozarth

Happy new year!

Hooray for JupyterLab 3.0! Congrats and kudos who everyone who worked hard on it.

What are people working on?#

Go around the meeting area and ask.

What we need to work on#

We need to take stock of what’s being worked on and split up the work we know we need to do.

  • Here is the project for tracking accessibility (should have all issues and PRs we know of)(can be reorganized if we have different needs for sorting).

  • First priorities include:

  • #9491 This will make it possible to evaluate JupyterLab with a screenreader so we can both be aware of more problems and actually check that fixes are working.

  • #9399 (broken up into steps on the project, click on card to make issue when we are ready to work on it). WCAG 2.1 specifications.

  • Editor? Is #4878 a first priority right now?

  • Right to left (RTL) language support?

    • We will likely be working in areas where these changes need to be made for labeling reasons, so we may want to see if we can include this support at the same time. Especially now that we have RTL language transalations for JLab to test it with (Gonzalo knows more). More info in issues #3046 and #1163.

Other Notes#

  • Feedback on accessibility event funding.

    • Update: Probably shouldn’t rely on it. It’s status isn’t certain with the pandemic.