02.10.21 Meeting minutes#


  • Max @telamonian

  • Tony @tonyfast

  • Alex @ajbozarth

  • Martha @marthacryan

  • Jason @jasongrout

  • Isabela @isabela-pf

  • Nick @bollwyvl

  • Thomas @manfromjupyter

What are people working on?#

  • Keyboard shortcuts and default keyboard navigation with assistive devices. This Came up with this PR JLab #9031 but it seems like it could be a bigger discussion for understanding how these things interact now and in the future.

    • Thanks to Thomas for replying here!

  • Max has been working on a new filebrowser. Trying to bake accessibility in on a low level. Issue with notes:

    • https://github.com/jpmorganchase/regular-table/issues/114

    • Using the WAI ARIA spec for grid and table properties. These not only need regular labels, but also descriptions for how they are nested and a flag for the position.

    • Max would like feedback/for someone to test it with a screenreader.

    • This is a really helpful exploration that should help us with other tables used in JupyterLab. Further references with a treegrid example are here.

  • Question on Max’s lumino PR conflicts with https://github.com/jupyterlab/jupyterlab/pull/9622 - Martha reviewed it and is clarifying what labels they are using across PRs so that they are consistent.

  • Martha’s PR at #9622 is ready for final review and to be merged after one more commit to match labels across PRs.

  • Nick

    • For testing: pa11y -s, –standard the accessibility standard to use: Section508 (U.S. focused), WCAG2A, WCAG2AA (default), WCAG2AAA – only used by htmlcs runner

    • numfocus GSoC team would be a solid team for working on accessibility docs

Other Notes#

  • Isabela opened

    • #9742 because I’ve had some people asking me about accessibility tests elsewhere and I wanted a place to collect the discussion as it relates to JLab.

    • an issue on the accessibility repo about best practices for accessibility docs

  • As a last check, remember to ask yourself if things need to be translated. - ARIA values usually need it - Table headers might need to be translated? This is worth further research. - Data in a table does not need to be.

  • Funding discussion

  • Accessibility workshop updates! There isn’t something we can share now, but people are working on it and there should be updates in the next few weeks.

Merged PRs (let’s celebrate!)#

  • Tony merged #9648! :tada: Thanks to Thomas, Martha, and Max for reviewing it! Congrats, all!