02.24.21 Meeting Minutes#


  • Jason Grout @jasongrout

  • Saul Shanabrook @saulshanabrook

  • Tony @tonyfast

  • Isabela @isabela-pf

  • Alex @ajbozarth

  • Max @telamonian

  • Martha @marthacryan

  • Adam @adpatter

  • Thomas @manfromjupyter

  • And more!

What are people working on?#

Other notes#

Next Steps#

  • Set up binder to show lumino changes instanly for development testing. (Tony, Martha, maybe Max)

  • Get merge rights for accessibility repo (Isabela)

  • Gather a set of resources/guides to help start up our newcomers.(Isabela)

  • Add specific example to lumino development docs that shows how to link it up to JupyterLab (?)

  • Rebase #9622 to have it ready for review (Martha)

  • Next week meeting to get people up to speed on accessibility efforts (Isabela, Tony, Saul)

  • Review #9399 so you get context for what we are doing and we have a good place to start talking (Anyone trying to catch up on our current work)