03.10.21 Meeting Minutes#


  • Gonzalo

  • Jason

  • Q

  • Saul

  • Tony

  • Nick

  • Thomas

  • Karla

  • Martha

  • Isabela

What are people working on?#

  • Isabela

    • Looking into writing a CZI grant with the support of Tania and maybe Tony? Just an FYI. I will keep you updated.

    • Trying to write a roadmap of what we are doing that is not just a Github project or made of issues because people keep asking me what we are doing.

  • Tony

    • nbconvert

      • nbconvert jinja templates are not accessible, they are just divs. If we made them header elements, then nbviewer will be accessbile

        • Thomas: Could make them accessible just with roles

        • nbiewer: https://nbviewer.jupyter.org/

        • For context nbviewer is a “notebook viewer”.

        • Thomas: Why make them look good? Search engine optimization?

        • Nick: There is no SEO, all robots turned off. Its a way public notebooks can be shared

        • This could be a good first issue (because no typescript!)and it still imapcts the comunity.

    • binder for jupyterlab development making changes in lumino jupyter/accessibility #20.

  • Thomas

    • Get all the low vision stuff in one place so people can start jumping into it

    • Ask Gonzalo a question to follow up on internationalization work and overlap with low vision/zoom support. Where are the packages

  • Saul

    • A lot of this work seems to be focused on helping folks with vision problems. Have any of them come on this working call? Possibly related to grants, for paying people to help diagnose what the main problems are?

      • At least one person has. Many people don’t necessarily disclose why they have the knowlegde they do for us, so I’m unsure.

  • Martha

    • Needs to follow up on Max’s lumino PR and move forward as much as she can with the related JupyterLab PR. :)

Other notes#

  • Follow up on accessibility workshop meeting (two weeks ago)?

    • There should be an email this week following up with people who expressed interest in running workshops to check if they are still interested

Next Steps#

  • Review deathbeds/accessibility #4. (Isabela)

  • Edit/update jupyter/accessibility readme to have accurate information about these meetings. (Isabela)

  • Get a roadmap draft ready for review (Isabela)

  • Review jupyter/accessibility #20. (Isabela)

  • Martha - finish review of Max’s lumino PR so that the JL PR can be rebased off of that

    • Actually just took another look and approved

  • Start funding/grant discussion for jupyter/accessibility to keep people updated and support other opportunities. (Isabela)

  • Publish language packages that have full localization so people can test them (Gonzalo)