03.24.21 Meeting Minutes#


  • MJ

  • Tony

  • Martha

  • Pete Blois

  • Jessica Xu

  • Saul

  • Max

  • Nick

  • Nina

  • Thomas

What are people working on?#

  • Isabela

    • Can I add a checklist comment to #9491? I want to double check that I’m correct about what’s been done.

      • There are other blockers still preventing this from getting completed.

      • #9622 merging almost fixes this! Wow!

      • Are there tests? Not yet. We need to be able to verify that this hasn’t been overwritten by other work before closing. Aiming for test utils.

    • CZI grant update at #36.

  • Gonzalo

    • Can’t make it to the meeting. Will be releasing the lang packs soon.

  • Pete

    • PR jupyter/accessibility #37

    • Is this a nbformat fix, or an IPython fix?

      • Probably IPython first will be a big win.

    • Looking into cell outputs having alt text for those by default. This is something we haven’t looked into yet.

    • We had a good discussion that clarified some of the nuances to this, so now people need to look into questions and comment on the issue.

  • Martha

  • MJ

    • Got some questions when working on the skip link issue #9688

    • Further discussion about how a skiplink should work. Should it just skip to content (notebook), or give options to major regions like the content, top menu bar, left sidebar, right sidebar.

      • Thomas’ recommendation is roughly:

        • first tab = main toolbar

        • second tab = left side bar

        • third tab = inside left sidebar section

        • fourth tab = right sidebar

        • fifth tab = inside right sidebar section

    • Tabindex should be 0. Do we need to fix tabindex before skiplink?

      • Shouldn’t be a blocker. This will need to be changed, but won’t block skiplink as long as you don’t hardcode your tabindex values.

  • Thomas

  • Nick

    • Pa11y PR in accessibility repo. If this isn’t a CI-needing repo maybe we target these tests on another branch so it doesn’t slow don’t meeting notes and readme PRs. Check jupyter/accessibility #35

Other notes#

  • Is hackmd a good notetaking platform for people and do you like having a markdown file for the long-term version of the notes? Did you like Tony’s issue method better?

Next steps#

  • Edit one Phosphor tutorial video to see if it helps with the small screen. (Isabela)

  • Turn #9491 to checklist (Martha and Tony) so we can tell its status more clearly. This may be almost closed/resolved.

  • Release language packs (Gonzalo)

  • Review ideas for Pete’s issue and comment on it (Nick and Tony)

  • Look into what to work on next starting with jupyterlab/team-compass #98 comment (Martha)

  • Continue with skiplink work (MJ) :sunflower:

  • Figure out where Pa11y tests fit with jupyter/accessibility.

Merged PRs (let’s celebrate!)#