04.21.21 Meeting Minutes#


  • Max

  • Tony

  • Isabela

  • MJ

  • Thomas

  • Martha

What are people working on?#

  • Martha

    • Found out that JLab has a focus manager that might override native browser focus (which could cause us a lot of accesibility problems potentially). It looks like this might not cause a problem because

    • It is inherrited from lumino

    • Merged jupyterlab/lumino #174 setting tabindex to 0 in the menubar. Be on the look out for if this breaks anything unexpectedly.

    • Thomas says the only reason he can think of that you can hard code a tabindex is if you need an area to be focused first, but it’s better practice to rearrange the HTML to do what you want.

    • role=menuitem needs a tabindex assigned to make sure this gets the proper treatment.

    • Menu items also need a disabled ARIA label.

    • Closed #9491 :tada:

  • MJ

    • Draft PR jupyterlab/jupyterlab #10126 for proof of concept making sure the skiplink is going in the right place. Looking for feedback on where that component fits in JupyterLab’s architecture.

    • Thomas says skiplink always needs to be the first thing on a page, all hacks aside.

    • Max says it might make the most sense to implement it as a widget and add it that way. Put the generalizable part of the code into the widget and the rest elsewhere.

    • Martha and MJ think it might make more sense to add it to an existing widget because it is a small amount of code and should be in all front ends. If that’s the case, Martha and Max think labshell in here in shell.ts is the best place for it to live not as an extension.

  • Tony

    • Integrated Galata and axe-core to get some testing and automated reports started.

  • Isabela

    • First round of CZI grant application was accepted so we’ll be working on the next step. You can read the full letter of intent at jupyter/accessibility #44. I think we’ll also be looking for community review for this next step?

    • Workshop updates on jupyter/accessibility #43. I’m trying to follow up with that.

    • My attempts on fixing color contrast in the sidebar and command palette have a very very very draft PR at jupyterlab/jupyterlab #10101. I may not be capable of making all the changes I want myself, but I am trying to do all I can on my own first.

Next Steps#

  • Be aware of the focus manager and be on the look out for any problems it might cause (everyone)

  • Work on the skiplink PR based on in-meeting feedback and let us know when it’s ready for review! (MJ)

  • Get a testing demo running (Tony)

  • Fix CZI PDF PR to be in a different directory (Isabela)

  • Work on the sidebar and command palette color contrast PR and let us know when it’s ready for review (Isabela)