05.19.21 Meeting Minutes#


  • Jason

  • Thomas

  • Martha

  • Tony

  • Max

  • Sophie

  • Max

What are people working on?#

  • We did introductions since we had new attendees! Hooray!

  • Sophie

    • Interested in getting an overview of what we are doing here and what needs to be done still.

    • May have interest in mentored sprints or other community events to help get a Jupyter interface accessible.

  • Martha

  • Isabela

    • Workshop funding follow up jupyter/accessibility #43. Need feedback on “the jupyter/accessibility team have the best visibility onto what would make the most impact. What advise would you have for how to best use these resources?”

    • CZI grant submitted. We won’t hear for a few months, so I’ll be back to color contrast.x

  • Jason reviewed skip links implementation: https://github.com/jupyterlab/jupyterlab/issues/10268

    • Follow up with MJ about availability

Next Steps#

  • Follow up on skiplink status (Isabela)

  • Next steps for keyboard navigation (check for positive tab index values, potential skiplink next steps) (Martha)

  • Workshop follow up (Everyone can post at #43)

  • Color contrast PR jlab #10146(Isabela)

  • Binderhub AWS policy

Priority issues: https://github.com/jupyterlab/jupyterlab/issues/9399