06.02.21 Meeting Minutes#


  • Max

  • Thomas

  • Tony

  • Kevin

  • Jason

  • Sophie

  • Martha

What are people working on?#

Next Steps#

  • Review github project to make sure it’s accurate and target next steps for work (Isabela)

  • PR with docs for Nick’s magic lumino + jlab binder

  • Follow up on RTC and accessibility. What are next steps for making progress there? (Isabela)

    • https://workspaceupdates.googleblog.com/2019/08/real-time-collab-accessibility.html

    • Thomas: “I think easiest way to do the RTC piece for screenreaders AFTER the product supports reading and editing first, would be to just add screenreader only alerts that simple says ‘Tony recently edited the document.’ Could say what they added for extra credit. The WCAG requirement now is merey that they are ntofiicated if ‘content changed dynamically’”

  • Get #10146 for color contrast to a review state (Isabela).

  • Follow up about CodeMirror 6 (Isabela and Kevin)

  • Follow up about accessibility workshop jupyter/accessibility #43