07.14.21 Meeting Minutes#


  • Darian

  • Tony

  • Martha

  • Nick

  • Isabela

What are people working on?#

  • Isabela and Tony

    • Jupyter Accessibility Workshop

      • We discussed an alternative sprint method for adding alt text to documentation. This does not create regular contributors, but it might solve a big problem and help people learn about accessibility.

      • What could be another goal? Getting a group of people who want to be involved with Jupyter but don’t know how a place to start.

  • Martha

    • Looking for feedback on lumino #187. - Darian says that this should be two PRs. One for focus. One for the expected keyboard bindings.

    • Is this PR still viable? jupyterlab #6369

      • It is a draft, so we can’t do anything to the existing PR. At best we could open a new PR.

Next steps#

  • Remove keybindings work on lumino #187 and mark it ready for review (Martha)

  • Start new lumino PR for keybindings and focus in menus (Martha)

  • Test documentation sprint on July 21 (Tony and Isabela) (and anyone else who wants to join!)

  • Review jupyterlab #8832 and jupyterlab #1008 for next steps on color contrast (Isabela)