09.22.21 Meeting Minutes#


  • Martha

  • Mike

  • Tony

  • Isabela

  • Kevin

  • Jessica

What are people working on?#

  • Tony

    • We’ve been focusing on proposals and planning, but less on JupyterLab specific.

    • Where does RetroLab fit with #9399

  • Mike

    • Navigating cells in notebook with a keyboard is difficult. Mike has been working on something locally to resolve this, but it likely won’t be in PR form any time soon because of other projects.

    • If anyone is working on this area of code or the interface, please let him know.

    • Mention him if you are looking for review on PRs.

  • CodeMirror 6

    • Still in the air because it will break things so we need someone willing to stand behind breaking things.

    • Kevin has some knowledge about CodeMirror 6 and may be a good point of contact for this.

    • How does rich text fit in with this? Does it make sense to have rich text cells? (ProseMirror or https://www.tiptap.dev/?)

Next Steps#

  • Talk about CodeMirror 6 again at the beginning of October