10.6.21 Meeting Minutes#


  • Jason

  • Tony

  • Adam

  • Martha

  • Isabela

  • Ely

  • Thomas

What are people working on?#

  • Adam

    • Lumino documentation is lacking and it can interfere with this work.

    • Who would document, give a tutorial, talk, anything?

  • Isabela

    • Grant process has begun! Myself and people in charge of me are working on bringing in new people to spend dedeicated development time on this.

    • I’m watching this ipython/ipython PR and hoping to see it merged.

  • Tony

  • CodeMirror 6

    • Estimated to take at least one month for a single full-time developer

    • 5 and 6 don’t have full parity, so that path isn’t perfectly clear. You need to account time for that.

    • Kevin is interested in this and would like to work with others.

    • Martha may also be able to help!

Next Steps#