10.20.21 Meeting Minutes#


  • Tony

  • Jessica

  • Nick

  • Mike

  • Karolina

  • Martha

  • Jenn

  • Ely

  • Isabela

What are people working on?#

  • Isabela

    • Jupyter accessibility workshops are going through budget approvals now. That’s where I’ll be halfway through our meeting today.

    • October 25 I will have someone starting with development time devoted to JupyterLab accessibility. Yay! You’ll get to meet them soon. (This is made possible by the CZI EOSS grant)

    • This also means I’ll have devoted time for accessibility again, so this will help me go back to making contributions.

  • Jenn

    • funding question

    • needs to be scoped

    • can have external partners

    • needs follow up

  • Mike: just highlighting file system review in https://github.com/jupyterlab/design

    • Extensions and accessibility assessment. Are extensions in the JupyterLab organization the next step?

    • is there an accessibility repo?

Next Steps#

  • Follow up with Jenn about funding (Isabela+)