1.12.22 Meeting Minutes#


  • tony

  • Ely

  • Mike

  • Frederic

  • Gabriel

  • Martha

  • Jason

  • Nick

  • Matthew

  • Chadi

What are people working on?#

  • Isabela

    • Jupyter accessibility workshops are upcoming on January 15, January 22, and two events in March.

    • Find all up-to-date links on the Jupyter blog announcement post

  • Gabriel

    • Mapping out and comparing frontend of JupyterLab and RetroLab

  • Chadi

  • Nick

    • exploring robotframework-axelibrary as a thing to add to JupyterLibrary

      • should be possible to e.g. configure Test Teardown to Collect Accessibility Violations

        • …and when error conditions arise

      • tag with violations which would bubble up to

    • potentially blocked by limited maintainer effort on upstreams

    • also have some data analysis tools for long-term ingest of many robot reports

    • both could be injected into e.g. robotkernel

Some links in chat: