1.26.22 Meeting Minutes#


  • Isabela

  • Frederic

  • Ely

  • Jason

  • Darian

  • Gabriel

  • Nick

  • Patrick

  • Tony

What are people working on?#

  • Tony https://github.com/jupyter/accessibility/issues/67

    • What jupyter/accessibility has been so far: kind of a cross-project team compass

    • This PR discusses ways to make it a more resource-focused and active repo. Also to help people actually start using Jupyter tools (that’s been a popular ask)

  • Patrick

    • Could anyone give an update on how things are currently working, perhaps both high level and in the code?

    • People are interested! We need to follow up and connect these communities

    • Are these communities also willing to giving feedback on how to make better experiences (not just be WCAG compliant) based on how they use these tools?

  • Isabela

  • Gabriel

    • Does the JupyterLab settings UI PR add accessibility features/is that a place they could go in the future?

    • Right now? That’s not the focus. It could be added in the future.

Next steps#

  • Discuss jupyter/accessibility reorganization (open for commenting to everyone!)

  • Follow up on cross-community collaboration (Isabela, Jenn, Tony, Patrick)

  • Remove hardcoded css colors to improve the extensibility of the these (maybe Nick?)