3.23.22 Meeting Minutes#


  • Mike

  • Ely

  • Martha

  • Jenn

  • Gabriel

  • Tania

  • Isabela


Jupyter accessibility workshop resources! (First two events are up, but the last ones are pending. They will all link here.) Jupyter accessibility workshops repo


  • progressbar aria https://github.com/jupyterlab/jupyterlab/pull/12238

    • An addition based on review on a prior pull request.

    • This is something worth testing! Open invite for people to give it a try.

    • Prompted a discussion around what/how can we test these things going forward. Do we have several accessibility fixes we’d like tested where it’s worth actively reaching out to people?

    • Similar, but separate from discussion around regular user feedback surveys timed with JupyterLab releases.

Tania: Jupyter governance and jupyter/accessibility. A discussion around what’s happening and where the community thinks we belong!

Next steps#

  • TODO: open an issue on jupyter/accessibility and use it as a RFD (request for discussion)/lazy voting and revisit in 2-4 weeks?

  • Isabela to follow up with Mike on asking the community for feedback on existing accessibility fixes.