4.6.22 Meeting Minutes#


  • Frederic

  • Nick

  • Jason

  • Darian

  • Martha

  • Ely

  • Gabriel

  • Mike

  • Preston

  • Tom

  • Rohit

  • Pooja

  • Isabela

What are people working on?#

  • Preston

    • Contributing guide questions https://github.com/jupyter/accessibility/issues/47

    • Should this be specific to the repo (not general jupyter contrib)

    • CI. what’s the status (based on jupyterlab benchmarks repo)

    • things that don’t exist (another issue or what’s happening?)

    • Follow up on issue with some of these specifics.

  • Tom

  • Gabriel

  • Darian

  • Isabela

    • Open question from me, what do you all want me to work on next?

      • From notebook call: nbgrader importance; could use my attention

      • “It just can’t be worse than the existing nbgrader” :laughing:

    • If nothing else, can we go through the JupyterLab accessibility project board?

    • tag people not necessarily accessibility involved if they know what’s up

    • ask it in jupyterlab

Next steps#

  • Follow up on accessibility fixes survey/feedback request (Isabela to Mike)

  • Follow up with Tania about last meeting’s governance discussion (Isabela to Tania)

  • Three options for governance next steps and have people involved come to consensus (Isabela to create and tag people)