6.1.22 Meeting Minutes#


  • Tony

  • Mike

  • Ely

  • Gabriela

  • Isabela

  • Nikhil

What are people working on?#

  • Intros for newcomers!

  • Tony

    • jupyter/accessibility #90 automated accessibility testing efforts

    • Automated testing is known to catch only a percentage of known accessibility problems (usually WCAG, which is the minimum itself). How/are there plans to include disabled user testing?

      • Because of open source we need solutions that aren’t only tied to people (espcially individuals). But we also agree we need this input. It’s been a combo of getting funding (to pay people for their expertise) and some parts of JupyterLab are so inaccessible that we need to fix areas before we can get good feedback.

      • How does this fit with the extension-cookiecutter?

  • Voice navigation in JupyterLab?

    • Where to start? Has there been existing work? Not as far as anyone here knows.

    • Having semantic HTML is probably the start, though, because it would allow other tools to hook into JupyterLab well.

    • Some resources on how this work might need to behave: Browsing with assistive tech - Tetralogical

  • Workshops mentioned in Lab call?

    • There’s no current plan from anyone here to submit for the next Community Workshop proposal cycle.

Next steps#