6.29.22 Meeting Minutes#


  • Gabriel

  • Tony

  • Darian

  • Sylvain

  • Martha

  • Nikhil

  • Mike

  • Tania

What are people working on?#

  • Sylvain

    • Codemirror 6 migration is ready for testing, accessibility perspective and otherwise.

    • Please test it with the binder link in the PR! Feedback is extremely welcome! Please note CM6’s accessibility doesn’t seem to be clearly documented.

    • Known issues we will not be addressing: LaTeX syntax highlighting does not yet exist

  • Isabela

    • JupyterLab accessibility statement approach

    • I’m going to be working on theming soon. What are your dream themes? (ie. ideal accessible themes)

    • :bulb: colour-blind friendly - as many as possible?!, selective contrast, address Irlen syndrome needs, monochrome

  • Gabriel

    • I haven’t been doing much Jupyter-related accessibility work lately, but I have been trying to implement accessibility-related CI/CD for the upcoming new Quansight website (quansight.com and labs.quansight.org), and I have been a bit surprised (but not surprised) that some of this stuff isn’t more plug-and-play.

    • Quansight’s new website is statically generated with Vercel. You might think that there would be some ready drop-in solution to run pa11y-ci or axe-core against the pages in your site, but so far I haven’t found it.

  • Nikhil

  • Mike

Next steps#

  • Collect requests for notebook and visualization standards in JupyterLab to figure out where that info may be best stored (Isabela)

  • Create a list for requested JupyterLab accessible themes with status (Isabela)

  • Update on static website testing set up (Gabriel)

  • Watch the jupyter-lab-voice demo when it’s on YouTube!