8.24.22 Meeting Minutes#


  • Darian

  • Tony

  • Gabriel

  • Ryan

  • Martha

  • Isabela

  • Allison


  • Rendered notebook user testing has started! You can track that work-in-progress on the iota-school/notebooks-for-all repo

  • Lumino 2.0 accessibility

    • Relevant links lumino #341 and jupyterlab #12992 and lumino examples and Section 508

    • This is in alpha release at this point.

    • Lumino provides the top level menus, the command palette and search, the keyboard shortcut system, the dock panel (sidebars), and Widgets (a lot like react components but with different life cycle; more like building UI in Qt).

    • Some changes are low-level changes, like making sure that keyboard navigation is not inhibited. Lumino doesn’t have a concept of the content in these widgets, so some changes that are content-specific do not belong there.

    • What’s the status of where we are in evaluating any API-breaking changes or other issues?

      • DataGrids still seems the most potentially suspect. It does impact certain cell outputs, too, so this could be critical.

        • Probably the most sure-fire choice would be to provide an option to turn this off and render as a table.

        • Maybe it’s easier to review on Notebook and then we find those issues and then can evaluate wheter or not they are Lumino.

      • Where do ARIA labels or similar tags align with this work?

  • Gabriel

Next steps#

  • Review Notebook 7 for accessibility as means of identifying Lumino changes and more. (Isabela + anyone interested) (most recent review is)