9.07.22 Meeting Minutes#


  • Darian

  • Ryan

  • Gabriel

  • Martha

  • Isabela

  • Ely


  • How do we want to set up the council? Background: the governance bootstrapping docs don’t account for the fact that we became a software project later and did not have existing steering council members to start our council process. We also need to have a council soon to nominate our representative to the new SSC soon.

    • Some options to create the starter group:

      • Add who has already voted in our most recent votes as the starter group.

      • Add whoever is in the GitHub organization as the starter group.

      • Add meeting attendees over a certain list of recent months as the starter group.

        • Maybe a number of regular attendance? But this shouldn’t be the only thing because there are many valuable asynch contributions.

      • Darian: “has attended x number of times out of y number last meetings OR has voted in https://github.com/jupyter/accessibility/issues/81

    • More setting up council to dos:

      • Council team compass

      • Github team

      • Mailing list (if wanted)

      • SSC representative

      • two-factor authentication

  • Isabela

    • Reflow and Lumino?

Next steps#

  • Isabela to set up starter group list for the council. Reach out to list of individuals.

  • Isabela to post an issue about how we determine this starter group for transparency.

  • Add PR to jupyter/accessibility when this starter group is formed. Then we can have the discussion about where things go without blocking this process.