Jupyter Accessibility Roadmap - CZI EOSS Cycle 4#

Created on: November 11, 2021

Last updated on: April 1, 2022

What is this?#

Welcome! You’ve found your way to the public roadmap for Jupyter accessibility efforts that fall in scope of the CZI EOSS grant Inclusive and Accessible Computing in the Jupyter Ecosystem.

This roadmap’s content is derived from:

Primary goals#

This roadmap is meant to communicate accessibility efforts funded by the [CZI EOSS grant Inclusive and Accessible Computing in the Jupyter Ecosystem][jupyter - czi proposal submitted], work previously discussed on this and more project-specific repositories.

Over the course of the two-year grant, we are aiming to transform the Jupyter ecosystem in four ways:

  1. Make JupyterLab accessible (with an emphasis on Web Content Accessibility Guidelines)

  2. Build automated accessibility tests that are compatible with Jupyter tools

  3. Document what we’ve learned/best practices for accessibility specific to Jupyter or the wider scientific Python ecosystem

  4. Share work with other projects and help them start implementing accessibility fixes when possible


For a list of work completed, refer to Jupyter Accessibility Roadmap - Completed Items.

Action items#

🏗️ In the works#

🏃🏼‍♀️ Coming soon#

📫 Not too far off#

  • Support full-interface keyboard navigability in JupyterLab (WCAG)

  • JupyterLab documentation accessibility audit (manual and automated tests)

  • Update JupyterLab documentation to cover accessibility features added to JupyterLab

  • Update JupyterLab contributing guidelines to include accessibility considerations

All roadmap items#

The above items show what we’ll be working on in the near future, not everything on the roadmap. If you want to review the full scope of the two-year grant, all key items are listed on the jupyter-a11y-mgmt repository’s planning issues.

This work will happen across Jupyter projects– with a focus on JupyterLab in the first year– and in wider projects from the scientific Python ecosystem where possible. A large effort will be changes to software, automated tests, and documentation.


Does one of the above items interest you? Do you have accessibility knowledge that you’d like to share? This work takes place across multiple open-source projects and repositories, so jupyter-a11y-mgmt’s contributing guide might be a good place to start.

Stay up to date#

This roadmap will be updated periodically. Check back to find what’s been completed and what’s to be worked on next.

Tasks that have been completed will be listed on the Changelog (🚧 coming soon!)

Start learning about accessibility#

🚧 Coming soon!